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Sell your own books through the Printto: Market:

Who will benefit from our offer:

  • authors and writers;
  • publishing houses;
  • self-publishers;
  • copyright holders;

We are the first in it because :

  • You are the only owner of your publications.
  • Preparation and placement of your works on various marketplaces is absolutely free of charge.
  • The full automation of publications releasing  from downloading pdf to printing and delivering it to the buyer.
  • A simple and clear payment system.

What we offer:
Printto Market service offers you to download your own book or a book that belongs to you as a copyright holder in pdf format to our website where you can  start selling it on different marketplaces (currently our website and Socket). You do not need to pay anything extra for this. The sale of books will be entirely in accordance with the law of Ukraine. Hovewer,  we must draw your attention to the fact that the Printto Market forbids the distribution of pirated content. In case it occurs, all claims from human rights activists will be addressed to you, as the owner of the content.

How the Printto: Market service works. Step by step:

  1. Firstly, you should click the Join Sellers button and fill in information in the agreement, as well as the details for the payment. Also provide us with a scan of documents.
  2. After revising it, we sign the contract from our side and send you a link to the online signature of the contract. You have to sign it too.
  3. After signing the contract, you will have access to the control panel of your own books. It can be done by clicking the login icon and selecting the seller's account  or click to join the sellers from the main button.
  4. In order to add a new book, go to the My Books section and add a pdf version.
  5. You configure the production of the book to your liking: select the size, color and  paper, add a title and description. After that enter your profit from the sale of the book, add covers and several individual pictures of your book (this is a preview).
  6. After saving the book, our manager checks if everything is OK and prepares the files for printing. When everything is ready, we will activate the book for sale and it will appear in our market section, as well as on marketplaces.
  7. You can see the sales and views statistics in the Statistic s section.
  8. You will receive payments for each sold book. 
  9. You can add an unlimited number of your own books and all of them will be published.
Dear friends, we have resumed our work!
Thank you for the great support and inspiration from our customers and partners. Production and dispatch of the order is carried out in 2-4 working days.

Sell your own books through PrintTo:

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