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Books with soft cover -

Books with soft cover

The book is assembled on elastic hot glue. Ideal for most books and magazines.

Quick to make. It is possible to perform with color and black-and-white pages.

Minimum order: 1 pc

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Hard cover books -

Hard cover books

The pages are assembled into a block and pasted into a cover made of strong cardboard. Such books look very presentable. Suitable for books that will be re-read many times. 

Books with a large number of pages are recommended to be assembled on a thread for additional strength and durability. Hard cover requires additional time to complete. 

Such orders are completed in about 7 working days on average. 

Minimum order: 1 pc

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Books in the form of brochures -

Books in the form of brochures

Usually, a brochure is a small book that is assembled on 2 metal staples. Quick to produce.

Possible execution with color and black-and-white pages.

Minimum order: 1 piece

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Notebooks on a spring -

Notebooks on a spring

The book is assembled on a metal spring. It can be: your personal notebook, educational material, coloring book, etc.

It can be done with color and black and white pages. It is also possible to make it with a hard cover.

Minimum order: 1 piece

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To order the production of your book:


  1. Read Recommendations about PDF
  2. Upload your own PDF-file
  3. Select book options
  4. Enter a phone number and name for delivery
  5. Make your payment
  6. Pick up your order at the branch
Friends, due to the heavy production load, the production time has been increased to 7-12 working days. We apologize for the delay and make every effort to fulfill your order on time.
What is file format can print from?
We work only with PDF files. If your file is in other format, you can convert it to PDF yourself using online converters. Or send us an e-mail and we will return the converted PDF.
When will I get the ready-made book?
We print and ship books within two to four working days. Delivery time depends on the region and shipping method you choose.
What is the maximum number of pages in a book?
The method of bonding with hot melt glue implies a maximum book thickness is about 4 cm. This is around 800 pages of standard density paper (80g/sq.m). But we advise you to divide books with a thickness of more than 550-600 pages into several parts for easy of use and durability. We can do it on our own.
What should I do if in my PDF is a scan-copy and scanned two pages of a book on a sheet?
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to print such book directly from this file. It is necessary to break the file into separate pages. Perhaps we can help with this - it depends on the file.
What happens if I order and pay for the book, but it turns out that my file is not suitable for printing?
We will refund money for the order.
How much is shipping cost?
Delivery by Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta is free with a minimum order! In other cases, delivery is paid according to the carrier's tariffs.

For more than 15 years we have been printing books in small editions and carefully studying the needs and wishes of our clients in the field of printing. The experience we gained allowed us to create a convenient service that will help you calculate the cost yourself, adjust the print settings and order a book in quantities of 1 copy.

Who will benefit from this?

We are ready to print your book in any required circulation. The service will be relevant for:

  • an author who wants to print only a few copies of the book as a gift to family and friends;
  • a student, scientist, or specialist who needs specialized literature that is no longer published but exists in electronic form;
  • the organizing committee of the conference or other event at which it is planned to distribute printed materials, presentations, collections of works, etc .;
  • parents of schoolchildren, students, course participants - all who need materials for a group or class (atlases, journals, collections, workbooks, reference books, manuals);
  • printing a book as a gift;

Print settings

The Printto service allows you to choose your own settings for printing:

  • option of fastening of a cover (on a bracket, a spring, a soft root);
  • color option and type of binding paper;
  • paper and completeness of color transfer of pages of a book or brochure;
  • publication format (A5, A4, B5)

All layout configurations affect price formation, so you can adjust the price balance by changing the settings. This is very convenient - you choose the best value for money. No one imposes additional services and more expensive solutions on you!

The option of attaching the cover to the hard root is discussed and calculated individually. Just leave a request for a miscalculation or call our managers.

Order small print printing with delivery in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine directly on the website.

Order execution speed

We will start working on your order as soon as you have placed it.

All manufacturing work takes, as a rule, from 3 to 5 days - depending on the size of the circulation.

Most often, the order is sent to you the day after registration.

And don't worry - if we have any questions, we'll be sure to get back to you.

Advantages of the service

  • We print the smallest circulation, even from 1 copy
  • We fulfill orders without delay and send them to the client promptly
  • You decide what your book will look like
  • You have the ability to manage the cost of the order
  • Binding, lamination of the cover are already included in the cost of printing
  • You don't even have to get up from the table - just download the file, select the options and place your order.

Printto is the best service for printing books in Kyiv with delivery across Ukraine.

Do not believe when they say that printing books in small numbers is expensive!