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Gallery of completed works

Gallery of completed works

Friends, each of your orders for me is a separate story. Interesting and unique. I remember and keep each of them. And so that you can also view and get acquainted with my work, I created a whole section called "Gallery". We will talk about the gallery today. Gallery is a unique tool that helps you see different order formats, finished works and analyze quality. I often ask you questions about the specifications of the order. Type of attachment, type of paper, color of pages, size of the book… It is not always easy to explain in "words", because most of us perceive information better when we see it. And in such cases the gallery helps us to understand each other quickly. In this section you can see with your own eyes what your order may look like and be inspired by ready-made options. And this gallery is my pride! I am incredibly happy with what beautiful and high-quality works we create together with you. And I'll tell you a secret, when I'm in a bad mood or need to recharge with positive energy, I browse the gallery of masterpieces. It is important to note that I post photos of works in the gallery only with the consent of the author. Friends, let's expand the Printto Gallery together: with your wonderful orders. I am waiting for you at Printto:


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