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Bohdan Krasavtsev, children's writer

Bohdan Krasavtsev, children's writer

I don't want to promote negativity in my works. Life, for me, is light." - Bohdan Krasavtsev, writer, collaborating with Printto for 2 years.

Bohdan Krasavtsev is a children's writer, the head of the "Ecological Nation" public organization, the author of six books, a children's mentor in the project "Your Child Can Do EVERYTHING," and a singer-songwriter of songs about love and environmental conservation.

Since 2021, the author has been collaborating with Printto. You can order Bohdan's books at the lowest prices via the link.


Bohdan, congratulations! Tell us, how did you become a writer?

In my childhood, when I was 6-7 years old, I created newspapers that I would then give to my parents to read. I would write global news, my own poems, and reflections on life by hand. Later, I even wrote my first book, which was just one page long (laughs). It was called "Life at the Crossroads." It seems that even back then, I pondered over the immense mystery of human life and the importance of choosing one's path.

Later, in my teenage years, I often went to the library in my building, where I immersed myself in thrillers and youth detective stories. However, I didn't think about becoming a writer at that time. The decision to dive into this field came after I finished university when I was already working as a journalist.


So, journalism led you to writing?

I believe so. When I created newspapers for my family, I signed myself as the "editor-in-chief" and saw my calling in journalism. When I went to study journalism, I wrote for a student publication, interned at TV channels, and was passionate about playing the guitar and reading books. The works of Remarque, Hemingway, and Salinger had a significant influence on me at that time.

In addition, during practical Ukrainian language classes, we wrote our own stories. I remember writing a short story about a boy in a black-and-white world who saw a colorful girl and decided to get to know her. My youthful heart resonated with notes of love, and I started writing poems and songs, mostly about relationships between men and women, self-belief, and overcoming fears.

When did you create your first book?

It happened in 2019. Before that, I wrote short stories, poems, essays, and kept a diary. But then, I decided to write a children's book that would touch on ecology and environmental conservation.

"I want my literary heroes to change the world for the better."


Is that when "Eco-Stories for My Little Friends" was born?

Exactly. I described what concerned me without thinking about the concept of the book or the number of works. It all happened naturally—letters flowed into sentences as if a current carried water into a vast sea.

"Eco-Stories for My Little Friends" are present in over 700 schools and libraries in Ukraine.

Honestly, I didn't think this book would see the light of day. Until 2019, I had sent my works multiple times to various literary contests, but never received any responses. So I decided to write "EcoStories for My Little Friends" because the characters were alive within me and wanted to come to life. I would wake up at 5:00, go to the kitchen, make tea, and start writing. It was soothing. I wanted my heroes to change the world for the better, so they come up with ideas like cleaning the Black Sea from plastic, taking care of stray animals, planting trees, and more.


What were the readers' reviews?

The book contains 8 fairy tales that children really enjoy. Moreover, I received positive feedback from teachers and parents. Since the stories are also duplicated in English, teachers use "EcoStories" in their English language classes. Additionally, I donated books to over 700 schools and libraries in Ukraine and 12 countries worldwide where there is a large Ukrainian diaspora, including the USA, Canada, Germany, and France.


And almost immediately after a successful release, "EcoVerses" were born?

Yes, it didn't take long—within half a year, the poetic continuation called "EcoVerses for My Little Friends" was released. The collection of 9 poems is also highly appreciated by preschoolers and first graders. Moreover, the booklet features colorful and funny illustrations created by my cousin, Olexandra Krasavtseva. She also illustrated "EcoStories." Imagine, it was her debut work!


The next work, the eco-comic "Chornobyl OASIS," has quite an unusual theme. Why should children read it?

In 2021, I visited the exclusion zone for the first time, and it had an impact on me. I realized that I wanted to write a song and a piece about the tragedy, but I aimed for a philosophical story. One that doesn't scare children because using negativity to press on readers is not my strategy. It has a reverse effect.

That's why "Chornobyl OASIS" will appeal to children because it's not just about an ecological catastrophe, but also about a place of strength that survived it. The book is designed as a coloring comic, so children's eyes linger on the pages for a long time.


"Vasyl and COVID-19" is somehow related to the coronavirus?

Partially. It's the first work I wrote more for teenagers and adults. It contains a lot of personal elements from my childhood and youth. But at the same time, the story is filled with light and an unusual ending. The book will resonate with people who seek answers to eternal questions: the meaning of life, building relationships with others, understanding the inner world, and overcoming global challenges faced by humanity.


Meanwhile, "The Adventures of Ha and Kao" is written in the adventure fantasy genre. What makes this book special?

It's a blend of fantasy, humor, and drama. I really like this book because it pays great attention to human fear and disillusionment. I believe that the answers are within us, so we can both rise and fall. It depends on our inner state. At the same time, I always tell children in my meetings that it's normal to sometimes doubt themselves and be disappointed in people. It's much more important to discover new meanings to move forward.

Our life is like a movie. We are both actors and directors of this film. Therefore, "The Adventures of Ha and Kao" will inspire action, bring joy, and inspire belief in oneself and a successful and kind Ukraine.

And finally, "17 Goals that will Change the WORLD" released in 2023. What is this book about?

I find inspiration when I read news from different corners of the world, where people come together to overcome various challenges for their countries. Hunger, lack of education, environmental issues, war - people are capable of doing the impossible for a common purpose.

So, "17 Goals that will Change the WORLD" is a collection of 17 stories that highlight the problems and provide answers on how to overcome them. I have received a lot of positive feedback about this book from librarians, educators, children, and parents. They tell me that the pages offer a simple explanation of how humanity can achieve development and build a society that cares for the environment and preserves peace.

The illustrations were created by my wife, Tetyana Krasavtseva. She also helps me in developing the public organization "Ecological Nation," which aims to popularize an eco-friendly way of life among Ukrainians.


Thank you for the sincere conversation! Lastly, tell us about Printto - how did your collaboration begin?

I have been collaborating with Printto as an author for almost 2 years. Initially, I was searching for a publishing house and came across an advertisement that Printto prints books in small print runs, even starting from a single copy. Since I needed to publish my work in a small quantity, I approached this printing company. We continue to collaborate, and it is very convenient - I can order as few as 3-5 or as many as 20 copies of the books.

Furthermore, Printto offers pleasant discounts on book printing for their authors. I would like to mention that thanks to Printto, my books are also available on ROZETKA - although the prices there are slightly higher.


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