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Collaboration with authors

Collaboration with authors

Friends, I was extremely inspired by the last post about your author's works. And I really wanted more people to see what wonderful books you create. Today with great pleasure I will share with you a service that will help the world see your masterpieces. This is the Printto Market service: A unique tool for making and distributing your books. If this is the first time you've decided to print your book and start selling it, I'm sure you have a lot of questions and doubts. And my service will help you to realize it with ease and pleasure. How does it work? When collaborating with me, the author does not transfer the copyright to his work to anyone. And you don't have to get a catalog number (isbn) to start selling your book. Also, no one forces the author to register the work in the copyright chamber. Can you imagine? To cooperate with me it is enough: 1. Register on the website, seller's office 2. We sign a cooperation agreement (I work only in the legal field) 3. Download the book in PDF format and determine the parameters of the future bestseller 4. Choose your reward from the sale of the book (the most pleasant part) 5. We are waiting for the sales fee While you are waiting, I start work. Namely: I check the details of the order, prepare files for printing, publish a book on the marketplace (Printto Market and Rozetka). After receiving an order from your future readers, I print the book and send it to any part of the world. You do not need to pay anything extra for this. I take care of all costs and organizational aspects. In fact, you just need to add your book to our site, and I will be happy to make it to order and deliver it to the reader. Fantasy! Many authors have already used my service and left the pleasure in the form of positive feedback on cooperation: By the time you decide to print a book or not, your colleagues are already making a profit from sales. I am waiting for you and I know that you are the author of the upcoming world bestseller


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