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Our employees: Olya

Our employees: Olya

When I place an order online, I often imagine what the person who works with me looks like. Is it a man or a woman with a haircut, drinking coffee or tea in the morning? I always wonder who is the representative of the brand. After all, I am sure that it is through people who work with customers that one can draw conclusions about the activities of the entire Company. Today I want to introduce you to the Printto: customer service manager. Olya Most often she communicates with you on social networks, on the website and by phone. In Printto :. the girl has been working for a year. But I have the impression that she has always been with us. He is a true brand ambassador, knows everything about the Company's services and provides advice to customers of the highest quality. What can I say, Olya just loves her work! And we see this from the large number of grateful and positive feedback from you. Olya is fluent in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian and English. Therefore, we will be happy to support the conversation in a language that is convenient and understandable to you. Olya, like most of her colleagues at Printto: (which I am very proud of), leads a healthy lifestyle and goes in for sports. He also loves animals and has a wonderful dog Juliet. We are all in Printto: we admire Oli's perfectionism. Quality of work and a satisfied customer are always in the first place for her. Olya, we are very lucky to have you


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