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Our employees: Sergey

Our employees: Sergey

The most important resource of Printto: - are the people who work here. My team is my pride. I do not get tired of repeating it. All employees, as a selection. They have similar values, views on life and desire to make each client happy. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Meet Sergei. This young man at Printto is responsible for printing and collecting books. Sergey has extensive experience in working with printers, laminator, guillotine, glue machine. All this technique helps to realize your orders efficiently and quickly. And Sergei, like a real magician, turns them into ready-made books. This is where the birth of future bestsellers, which will soon see the light of day. I adore this stage of work and I am incredibly happy that Serhiy is responsible for it. After all, his perfectionism, attention to detail and desire to do the job perfectly provides a smile on the client's face when receiving an order. Serhiy has an extremely interesting hobby: fishing and mushroom picking. He loves hiking, high-quality movies, computer games, and is interested in cars. And Sergey cooks extremely well. This is a person who can support any conversation. And his smile is able to set a positive for absolutely everyone. Having such employees is a real happiness. Sergey, thank you for your dedicated work. You are an integral and very important part of Printto:.


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