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Configurator. Step 1. Book format.

Friends, today I will tell you about my pride and main highlight. Configurator. This is a tool that helps to quickly and efficiently place your order. Just like in the art of origami, where you can create any shape from paper, and in my configurator, you can choose your own settings for printing. This is the size and type of paper, publication format, print color, and more. Despite so many different settings, thanks to the configurator, everything is very simple and clear. With me, you will easily become the designer of your future book. And I'll start with the first - this is the format of the book. Imagine that today you picked up your book. What is she like? In the form of a journal or notebook? What does her cover feel like? What is the size and number of pages of your creation? Imagine? All this, and even more, can be implemented independently with the help of my configurator. How does it work? When ordering, the first thing to do is go to, register and download the book (or other product) in PDF format ua / # home-upload. Next, you choose the format of the future book, which can be different sizes and types of pages. I have prepared the following formats for you: - Magazine. Do you remember how at school in geography class we enthusiastically looked at different countries of the world in the atlas? When choosing the "magazine" format, this is the option for binding pages in your book. Looks like an atlas. Fastening is done with two steel brackets. Be careful, there are restrictions for this format: minimum 8, maximum 80 pages. - Notebook: here the book will be assembled on a steel spring of white or black color (I choose at my discretion by the color of the cover). The width of the spring is selected by me relative to the thickness of the book. Believe me, I will choose the best and most beautiful spring for you. There are also restrictions for this format: minimum 16, maximum 480 pages. - Soft cover: in this version it is assembled on an elastic hot melt adhesive. This type of mount is very strong and flexible. Checked personally by me. There are restrictions for this format: minimum 48, maximum 480 pages. I have experience working with different order options. Therefore, I draw your attention to the fact that there are limits on the number of pages for a particular type of attachment. Accordingly, my system analyzes your file and offers only those mounting options that we can do for you. If your book has more than 480 pages, I suggest you split the book in half. Or a multiple of 480, if more than 1000 pages. I also spend the separation. I analyze in great detail and choose the best place to share the book. Also, if you have your own vision, you can indicate in the comments the desired place of the section, provided that the parts will be up to 480 pages each. For convenience, when hovering over the letter and (icon), you will receive a description and a photo hint. I also worked with the size of the book. Depending on the size of the pages in your PDF file, you will be offered different options for the size of the book. You do not need to make an effort to analyze or select. I will do everything for you. Dimensions can be: - Small, A5: The size of your book will be as close as possible to A5 (145 x 205 mm). - Medium, B5: The size of your book will be as close as possible to the B5 format (170 x 240 mm). - Large, A4: the size of your book will be as close as possible to A4 (205 x 290 mm) - Original: The size of your book will be the same as in the downloaded file, without scaling. Importantly, all sizes (except the original) will fit into your chosen book size. That is, the size of the image in the book will be reduced or increased in proportion (width and length) to the size that fits into your chosen book size. Friends, at first glance, it may seem that making an order is not easy. And yet, as soon as you try to do it yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised. After all, I tried my best to take into account all the nuances, so that you enjoy the process. However, if you have any questions, be sure to contact the phone numbers listed at My assistants will be happy to help you realize your plan.


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