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Configurator. Step 3. Pages.

Most often, when choosing paper to order, we do not think that it differs not only in color and density, but also in other parameters. Therefore, on this snowy winter day we will get acquainted with the options for choosing the perfect paper for your order. At first glance, it may seem that learning to understand the types of paper is a difficult science, but it is much easier. And my configurator will help you a lot. Here you need to consider only a few basic properties that you need to choose at the time of ordering. Namely, the color of the print and the type of paper. Let's start with color Imagine what the pages of your bestseller should look like? Black and white, color, or perhaps in appearance and touch, like a photograph? Options I can offer you: • B&W monochrome. We print in black and white. • Color. This is a printing option where you need to highlight individual elements or print small drawings. Also great for printing grayscale images. • Color, photo quality. Print in color, looks as beautiful as possible, a good choice for a book as a gift. You can make completely color-filled pages with a rich palette of shades. With the color sorted out, you can start looking at the paper. First of all, pay attention to density. It is measured in grams per square meter. To imagine what to start from, let's take standard office paper. Its density is 80 g / m2. The higher this value, the denser the paper to the touch. The type of paper you can select through the configurator: • White offset paper 80 g / m2. This type is often called "office paper". It is most often used to print most books. • Munken Pure, cream paper 80 g / m2. This is a high-quality paper with a cream tint. The text on this paper looks less contrasting and is more pleasant to the human eye. • Munken Pure, cream paper 100 g / m2. This high-density paper, text, and pictures will not appear on the back of the page. There is a nuance to consider - the colors of the drawings on cream paper will be less bright than on white paper. • Munken Pure, cream paper 120 g / m2. The magazine printed on this paper will look simply unsurpassed! Ideal for orders with a small number of pages. • Smooth white paper 100 g / m2. This version of the paper provides excellent color reproduction and excellent contrast. And this paper is extremely smooth. Smart people say that a book can be more successful thanks to the right colors and print quality. Who am I to disbelieve intelligent people? So guide to the configurator to choose the print color and paper type. Still, if you have any questions, I'm sure you know what to do We are waiting for you at Printto :.


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