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Print on demand

Print on demand

The main activity of Printto: is the technology "print on demand". Translated, it means - "print on demand". This is a unique publishing technology, in which books are printed only when they are ordered. This technology was first introduced in 1977 in Stockholm. But its cost at that time was quite high. But over time, that is likely to change. With the development of the Internet and print business, print on demand has become quite a popular trend in book printing. And this is not surprising, because printing on demand is convenient, rational and profitable. Advantages of technology: 1. Ideal for young authors! After all, you don't have to register your masterpiece with the Copyright Chamber to print a small edition. 2. Small circulation is cheaper. At the same time, the young author does not need to pay for publishing the book. Payment only for its printing. 3. This is a unique opportunity to print a rare book or magazine that can no longer be purchased. 4. A wonderful gift for a loved one. You can print several copies of your work and give it to the dearest people. 5. On-demand printing allows you to manage a limited budget. After all, the cost varies depending on the format of the book, the choice of cover, paper and number of copies. 6. Convenient for bookstores. You can easily optimize inventory and save on logistics. And replenish books only when necessary during their implementation. There are no unrealized copies of publications. 7. Printing on demand is environmentally friendly. After all, you print as many copies as you need, worrying about the environment. All this, and even more implemented in Printto :. We will be happy to help you publish your upcoming bestseller, rare copy of the chronicle or poems of your younger brother. We are waiting for you at Printto :.


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