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Olena Vovchenko is the author of books on tarology and mandalas

Olena Vovnenko: "My books for people who want to know more than the mundane" Olena Vovnenko is the author of books about tarology and mandalas. In her professional life, she works as a teacher of mathematics, physics and English. She has been working with Printto for two years. You can order Elena's books at the lowest prices by following the link. Elena, good day. How did you write your first book? I decided to write the book exactly when I realized that I had the information that I would like to share and help those who need help. Tell us about your books in general. What are they about and for whom? My books are for those who want to know a little more than the ordinary mundane. Those who like to learn about the sacred and those worlds that are not accessible to the ordinary eye. What is your book "Collection of Mandalas" about? The Mandala Collection is a collection that directly displays mandalas, working with which you can make your wishes come true. After all, in each of them are coded sacred signs that work with the energy of the universe and help to attract into your life the changes that a person longs for. Are you curious about what your book "My Grimoire. Notebook for tarologists" is about? Tarologist's diary is simply a well-designed guide, where a practitioner, tarologist or just an interested person can write down their accumulated information, jot down interesting observations and thoughts to keep everything in one place. And in general, the name is Grimoire, because I want every person to have the opportunity to pass on their information to posterity. “I write for people who want to change their lives” What are you currently working on? Now I am working on creating courses aimed at studying the subtle bodies and chakras of a person, which are the main energy centers of the body. In the future, I plan to write a book in the same direction. What inspires you? I am inspired by my family and the gratitude of people whose lives I have helped change. What do you like about working with Printto? I really like Printto. Good product quality, very pleasant and highly qualified employees. The speed of production and just a pleasant cooperation️ What is the most important thing in life for you? The most important thing in my life is my family. What do you think is your meaning in life? The meaning of my life is my spiritual development. Who are you writing for? I write for people who want to change their lives, and that's great. Do you remember your childhood dream? My childhood dream is to be able to talk to animals) Tell me how your day off goes. A day off for me is an opportunity to spend it with relatives. What would you like to Printto? I would like to stay at the same level, but not stop there. And also grateful customers ️


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