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Options in the cart

Options in the cart

Friends, today is Friday and it means that the weekend is ahead I already have Napoleonic plans for these wonderful two days. I want to fly to the movies and to the rink. I wanted it for a long time and all the wings did not fly. And be sure to buy next week's products. By the way, I just love shopping. This is my meditation. I love open stores where you can choose products yourself. I imagine taking a basket and walking for a long time in search of the best delicacies for myself. Rather Saturday! Today I will be happy to tell you about the next step of my configurator - BASKET. You do not need to wait until Saturday to use the Printto basket. This can be done every day. The cart is the penultimate step before ordering. It is an important tool that will help to check and make the right order, namely: - review and verify the accuracy of the selected parameters - if necessary, change the parameters and number of copies of the order - Add other publications by clicking the "ADD MORE ..." button. Once you have verified your order, you have one step left to complete. This magic button is in the basket. After that, all you have to do is choose delivery. And about this in the next post Friends, I wish you a great weekend and only quality "products" in your baskets! I am waiting for you at Printto:


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