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Fiscal checks on the Printto website

Fiscal checks on the Printto website

Friends, today we are talking about checks. Quite a serious topic for Friday, isn't it? However, your confidence and comfort in working with me are important to me on any day of the week. It is with great pleasure and pride that I remind you that Printto: works only in the legal field. Payment for any order is always official. Let's talk in more detail how it works. Since I only take the paid order before printing, you need to make a payment with the card when making the payment. After that, I will send you an email with the status status of the order. Additionally, I will send an electronic check. This information (electronic check) will be automatically uploaded to your personal account. What does it mean? You make sure that the payment for the order has passed and you will receive 100% of it of unquestionable quality within the specified period. It is also an official confirmation that I have paid all taxes on this order and this payment is registered with the state tax service. I understand how important this is for the development of our country. And now it is more important than ever. Being honest with you, with the state and with myself is my life principle. Even if it sounds a little pathetic, it is easy, pleasant, comfortable and always safe to work with me. I am waiting for you at Printto:


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