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Friends, how happy I am when a young author dares to share his talent with the world. I know how many questions, doubts and contradictions the self-publisher faces. And always ready to support, help, inspire in this important issue. So today I want to remind you that Printto: offers authors the sale of books through the market Printto: and Rozetka. I myself publish books on these sites and deal with all organizational issues: I accept orders, print books and send to customers. By the way, delivery of the book after ordering takes 1-2 business days. I draw your attention to the fact that for a young author all these services are absolutely free. That's right, you didn't think so! Friends, I am very interested in the development of our Ukrainian talents and I am incredibly happy when my "wings" are involved in your success. Follow these links to see books already sold through Printto: and Rozetka: I am sure that your masterpiece will become a bestseller. The world is already waiting and I am also waiting for you at Printto:.


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