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Today I want to write about something pleasant. How I love all kinds of discounts, bonuses and promotions. I know that you love all this too. I am a generous bird. And I get really high when you are satisfied and smile. That's why today I want to remind you about the pleasures that I can give you with great pleasure. Let's get started. When placing an order, you can use bonuses to get a discount. 1 bonus = 1 hryvnia. Where can I get those bonuses? I hand over all attendance and passwords1. Subscribe to my Facebook page = 25 points Instagram page subscription = 25 points Leave a review or recommend Printto on Facebook = 25 points Leave a review on the website = 25 points or Google maps = 25 points Important! After you have fulfilled one of the 4 conditions, please write to my assistant manager. He will record a good deed and calculate bonuses. Oh, I almost forgot! I love it so much when your friends come to me. After all, your friends are my friends. If you are registered on my site (if not, do it), go to the "bonuses" section and copy the invitation link (highlighted in orange). Place this link on your Facebook, Instagram page. Or just send it to a friend. After your friend registers on the site and makes an order, you will receive 25 points. I am very generous! Therefore, for each own order, you receive 5% in the form of points (for all orders with delivery), which can be used as a discount on the next order. In addition, this 5% is combined with other discounts and promotions. Just fantastic! And also, the more books you order, the bigger the discount you get! Order a print run of two units and get a 5% discount. From 100 to 30%. And the icing on the cake. When I'm in a festive mood, I give out promo codes for additional discounts that add up to other bonuses. Therefore, be careful and follow the publications. By the way, you can pay for ALL orders with bonuses. Oh, and screw it up) You should understand one thing from this post - any communication with me is pleasant and very profitable. I recommend checking


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