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Cooperation with UkrLib - Ukrainian literature.

Cooperation with UkrLib - Ukrainian literature.

Friends, hello! Today I want to introduce you to a cool Ukrainian project - UkrLib This is the largest electronic library of Ukrainian literature on the Internet. It is through literature that UkrLib popularizes the Ukrainian language and culture. Really cool? UkrLib and I became friends and created a collaboration. From now on, you can print books posted on the UkrLib website via Printto:. Not all books are immediately available for printing, but their number will grow every day! Just click on the Print button next to the book you want to print (suitable for books where there is a "Print a paper book to order" button). Next, choose the desired format, fill in the delivery data and pay online. All statuses of your order will be sent to you by email. It's fast and very convenient! And most importantly! After 2-3 working days, the book is already printed and ready to be sent to you! Such a collaboration will give you extremely high quality book creation from UkrLib and filigree work in the production of books from Printto:. And also - it's simple, fast and not for all the money in the world! I recommend that you quickly go to the website and order the printing of a good Ukrainian book today. It's fashionable to read Ukrainian! Learning Ukrainian is necessary and very useful. This is what they want to take away from us. But it won't work! After all, we are getting stronger every day. On all fronts. And it is the cultural front that is very important for current and future generations. I am waiting for you in UkrLib and Printto:.


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