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It's time to get acquainted

It's time to get acquainted

Hi friends!

It's time to get acquainted with

My name Printto: I am a Ukrainian startup.

A service that will help you quickly calculate the cost, choose the best materials and order your future book.

My logo is the essence of my activity. This is an origami in the form of a hummingbird.

Why hummingbirds?

I was founded in 2019. I'm still quite small, like this bird. But it has already won the hearts of 6,278 customers in Ukraine and abroad. My services are thought out to molecules, and the attitude to the order always comes first. After all, a customer's smile and satisfaction with the received book, magazine or other printed materials - that's what matters to me.

Why work with me, and what is so special about me?

1. Quality and speed
2. Professional equipment
3. A unique opportunity to be a designer of your own order
4. Customer orientation. The average rating among customers is 5.0
5. Only official cooperation
6. Unique form of work with authors
7. Print from 1 copy I will tell in more detail about each service in this blog.

I will also announce interesting facts about my daily work.

And of course, I will please you with special offers and gifts. Friends, Printo is the best service for printing books in Kyiv with delivery in Ukraine and abroad! I suggest to check


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  1. Read Recommendations about PDF
  2. Upload your own PDF-file
  3. Select book options
  4. Enter a phone number and name for delivery
  5. Make your payment
  6. Pick up your order at the branch