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  1. Read Recommendations about PDF
  2. Upload your own PDF-file
  3. Select book options
  4. Enter a phone number and name for delivery
  5. Make your payment
  6. Pick up your order at the branch
When will I receive a call to approve the book printing order?
We do not call for approval, the paid order is immediately sent to work. If you have questions and need advice, please place an order without payment(!) and contact the support service in chat or by phone, we will be happy to help!
Can we modify or design a custom layout?
Unfortunately no. We accept fully ready-to-print layouts. We can suggest freelance designer contacts if needed.
Do you have a designer/typewriter/proofreader/typewriter?
There are no such specialists in the staff, because we accept completely ready-to-print layouts, but you can ask the manager - we will suggest freelancers we know.