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Book Donation Day

What a good day today! The ribbon is full of hearts, flowers and a declaration of love. On this magical day, I want to tell you about another holiday that is celebrated all over the world today - Book Day. The history of the holiday began in 2012 with a small tradition in the family of American book blogger Emmy Broadmoor. Family members gave each other books on Valentine's Day. Emmy's son once asked why there is no such special day of the year when people give books to everyone around. Emmy liked her son's idea. And next year, the blogger decided to celebrate another Valentine's Day, giving books not only to his son, but also to poor children who can not afford to buy their own. The children's emotions impressed Emmy and she decided to share the idea of ​​the action with her readers. This initiative was taken up by other activists around the world. And very soon millions of people started giving each other books on Valentine's Day. How I like this initiative! Officially, this day can be called Valentine's Day. If for some reason you have not prepared a gift for a loved one, you still have time. And the book is very well suited. Today, tomorrow and always! Friends, congratulations on your double holiday! I wish you love for yourself and everything around you.


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