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Dear friends, we have resumed our work!
Thank you for the great support and inspiration from our customers and partners. Production and dispatch of the order is carried out in 2-4 working days.

Our employees: Maxim

Our employees: Maxim

Friends, today I want to open the curtain and tell about the people who work in Printto :. It is no exaggeration to say that my colleagues are a real family. For us, work is much more. After all, in every order we invest not only working time and skills, but also a part of our soul. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Today I will tell about Maxim. After the book comes to us in PDF format, Maxim begins to work. It prepares files for printing. Removes the cover, lays it out on a piece of paper, places the blocks in the format you choose. Maxim has been working for the Company for 17 years. He began his career as a packaging machine operator. Our young colleague was very interested in preparing files for printing and expressed a desire to study this area of ​​work. Today, Maxim is preparing about 90% of all books for publication. He loves his job and is a true master of his craft. Maxim is extremely calm and balanced, so when you send us a PDF file, know that your document falls into very responsible hands. And, in addition to professional activities, Maxim loves to ride a bike, often participates in sports competitions. It is important to me that you associate Printto with the people who work here. After all, for me, people are the basis of our Company. P.S Maxim, we are very grateful for your work and contribution to Printto:


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