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Configurator, cover.

Friends, did you know that there is a competition to determine the most beautiful book in the world? The Stiftung Buchkunst competition takes place in Germany. Every year books from all over the world are sent to Frankfurt to win the title of "The Most Beautiful Book in the World". It is gratifying that our books are always highly regarded in the international arena. After all, we know how to create beauty, both visually and holistically. What am I for? Today I want to remind you that a book with a good cover always arouses the reader's interest. I want to take her in my arms and look inside. After all, this is the cover - the first thing the reader sees. A little earlier I told you in more detail about the cover options that you can choose with my configurator. Today I will focus on the visual aspect of your cover. We will consider it through the configurator in the section "Block cover (right)". What should you pay attention to here? You can entrust the work with the cover to me or do it yourself. In the first version, I form the cover automatically, taking the first and last pages of your book. The second option is more creative. You create a bright "wrapper for your candy" and download the cover separately by clicking the "Download your own" button. Recommended cover download formats: pdf, jpg, png, tiff. A few more nuances: • if both the face and the back of the cover are on the same sheet - select one file • if the face and back are separate - then two files (here the order is important) After that you will visually see what your cover will look like. And, if you suddenly do not like something, you can always return to the automatic covers by clicking "Reset". And create a new one. The one you will like. After all, a well-chosen external design of the order is already 50% of the probability that they will want to buy and read it. Friends, I work with your masterpieces every day and I can safely say that for me your orders are the most beautiful in the world! I am waiting for you at Printto:


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