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How to make a book cover

How to make a book cover

Some of our customers print ready-made books with everything from A to Z: cover, illustrations, etc. But what if you're the first to write your own book, but you don't have a professional cover? The work of a designer is not a cheap pleasure, and it seems impossible to do it yourself.

Printto understands that each work of the author is special, awe-inspiring and sacred. That is why we will help you make the book "dressed" in the best way!


1. Plain cover with text

As a reminder, when you download a PDF file on the Printto website, the first and last pages will be the book cover. So a very simple but beautiful option is to make the cover plain and add text.

For example, the author and title of the work. Nowadays, even well-known writers choose this option, because minimalism is in trend. However, if this is not for you, see the tips below. By the way, the layout of the pages must be exclusively in PDF format, but for the cover, PDF, JPG, PNG formats are acceptable.

2. Canva

A universal platform that allows even users unfamiliar with graphic design to create graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. There are many templates, fonts, a large bank of images and illustrations. Some of them are paid, but most of the cool offers are free.

3. Vista

Another graphic design tool with thousands of free templates. Just choose the template you like, adapt it to your own wishes and print. Here, too, some tools are paid, however, there is a trial period. It is enough to create a unique cover that will surely decorate your book.

4. Figma

Worldwide popular online vector service for developing various designs. It works in two formats: in the browser and as a client application on the user's desktop. You can work at Figma for free.

However, it is suitable for more experienced users, because there are fewer ready-made templates and you need to be more knowledgeable in graphic design.

Types of covers

We remind you that you can make a hard or soft cover in Printto. If you choose solid, the pages will be collected in a block and pasted into a cover made of strong cardboard. Such books have a very presentable appearance, strength and durability. However, it requires additional time for implementation - on average, about 7 working days.




If you choose a soft cover, your book will be assembled on an elastic hot-melt adhesive. It's quick to make and perfect for most books and magazines.

Text on the stem

Also, for additional funds, you can make a personal inscription on the spine of the book. For this, it is necessary that the thickness of the book allows it to be done. You can enter an inscription on the root in the "Text on the root" field.

To change the color of the text, click on "Text color" and choose from the palette or use the "eyedropper" tool to select a color from the screen. The same applies to the "Root Fill" button.


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