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How to place an order?

I will say at once that it is very easy for me to place an order. "Winged five times" and voila! Everything is ready. Swing №1 - We make coffee, we start to taste it. Then go to the link or press the "enter" button on the main page of the site. If you are not registered yet, do so via the "register" button. For convenience, I visualized everything in the pictures of this topic on the blog. If you are not yet in the mood to register (I thought about it), go to the section "First time with us?". Basic functions for quick order calculation are available in the calculator Swing №2 - Slowly and happily download your order in my favorite PDF format Swing №3 - the beginning of magic - Specify the print settings and choose the size (book format). I will tell about this step in the next topic of our blog. There's so much fun. You will definitely like it, I'm sure! Swing №4 - I will deliver your order very soon, so please provide details for the delivery of your masterpiece. I will share a secret, deliver orders across Ukraine, and also to any corner of the world. By the way, I have already sent 50 orders abroad. Swing №5 and only one step separates me from you. - Pay for the order through the online form. By the way, payment of the order is only official. It is safe and comfortable with me. To do this, I will also highlight a separate topic in the blog. After all, information is very important and serious. A few minutes to process the payment and we can fly! The order has been taken into operation. Everything is very fast and easy! However, if you have any questions, be sure to email me or call. All contacts on the main page It will be my great pleasure to answer all your questions. I just love live communication!


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