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I want to print a book. What type of paper should I choose?

I want to print a book. What type of paper should I choose?

It happens that customers who want to print a book for the first time are confused - what type of paper to choose? After all, I want everything to turn out as best as possible. Suddenly they can't figure it out? But in fact, all types of paper offered by Printto are of high quality. However, if you want to understand their nuances, we will tell you. This is not a difficult science, so let's start with the "face" of the book - its cover :)Types of paper for the cover 1. Chalked matte paper 300 g/m2. This is a fairly dense and wear-resistant material. Most of the covers are made from this material. 2. Cream paper MUNKEN Pure 300 g/m2. Dense, high-quality paper. Such covers are perfect for gift books and orders that are extremely demanding on quality. It should be noted that all covers are made on professional equipment using a modern laser printer. What's more, all are necessarily laminated - for this we use a glossy film with a thickness of 30 microns. If the type is large, the film can also be matte. What paper to choose for sheets Let's start with the fact that it is possible to make pages in black and white, color or in photo quality. Options offered by Printto:1. Monochrome B/W. We print in black and white. 2. Color. This is a printing option when you need to highlight individual elements in color or print small drawings. Also great for printing pictures in grayscale. 3. Color, photo quality. We print in color and it has a very high quality expensive look. Great for gifts. In addition, you can make pages completely filled with color with a rich palette of shades. Got it. Now, actually, what are the types of paper. First of all, they differ in density, which is measured in grams per square meter. To imagine what to push off from, let's take standard office paper. Its density is 80 g/m². The higher this indicator, the denser the paper to the touch. The type of paper you can choose: • White offset paper 80 g/m². It is often called "office paper" and is most often used for printing most books;• Munken Pure, cream paper 80 g/m². High-quality paper with a cream shade. The text on such paper looks less contrasty and is perceived more comfortably by the human eye.• Munken Pure, cream paper 100 g/m². With this high density paper, text and images will not show through on the back of the page. But there is a nuance that must be taken into account - the colors of the drawings on cream paper will be less bright than on white paper. • Munken Pure, cream paper 120 g/m². A magazine printed on this paper will be simply unbeatable! Ideal for orders with a small number of pages.• Smooth white paper 100 g/m². This type of paper provides excellent color rendering and excellent contrast. And this paper is extremely smooth. The list of available paper is periodically expanded, stay tuned :)


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