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Order making time

Order making time

Friends, I am very responsible in our interaction with you. And I try to do everything to make it convenient, pleasant and interesting for you to work with me. I recently read an interesting article about what customers expect from business in 2022. And in the first place was a point about the speed of receipt of goods and services. And this is not surprising. After all, in recent years the pace of our lives has accelerated significantly. 24/7 real-time communication, online commerce, digital taxi and delivery platforms, search for any information in minutes. Expectation irritates us and "takes away points" in terms of customer service. I understand you. I do not like to wait. In addition, my speed is at the level of DNA. After all, my wings make up to 100 swings per second. Can you imagine? Thanks to this I can make any order in 2-3 working days. I'll tell you a secret, most often the order is sent to you the next day. My team works very well and we were able to achieve exceptional quality at maximum speed. We understand that this is important for you. While you are still thinking about where to present your ingenious work - the book is already printed, packaged and ready for delivery. I am waiting for you at Printto. This kind of expectation does not irritate me at all, but motivates me a lot.


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