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The original gift is a glossy magazine

The original gift is a glossy magazine

What original gift to the nearest? I thought for a long time and came up with an idea. And if you give your loved one a fashionable glossy magazine, where her photo will be on the cover, and the entire material in the magazine is only about her? Can you imagine how much joy and smiles your gift will bring? Maybe it will be a gift for mom, sister or dad, who is currently defending our Motherland in the ranks of the Armed Forces? I will be happy to help you realize this incredible gift. Here are some helpful tips to make your magazine perfect: Your layout should be in PDF format and fit the dimensions I carefully selected for this gift, namely: 148*210mm, 170*240mm, 210*297mm, + -2-3 mm per crop It is important that there is no text or important parts of the images in the "crop" field, because the field will be cut. But the color should continue to this field. I have shown in detail how it will look in the first picture of this post. The layout should be without cut marks. As in picture number 2 to this post. Endpaper details. If necessary, I will be happy to print on the inside cover of your magazine. This is an additional service. To do this, you need to mark it in the comments and pay 150 UAH for the preparation of the layout, and 20 UAH for each book. Details on putting together your fashion magazine. If the magazine has less than 50 pages, in this case we collect it on a metal bracket. It is important to note that the number of pages in this case must be a multiple of 4, not counting the cover and endpaper. Another small nuance that is important to write about. If there are more than 50 pages, you can collect them on hot glue (it will look exactly like a glossy magazine). In this case, the number of content pages should be a multiple of 2 to avoid empty pages at the end. Print details. For your convenience, I have shown all the optimal print settings in picture 3 to this post. I described a few technical points, the only thing left is to come up with a layout and contact my manager, who is already waiting for you. Such a gift will definitely give extraordinary emotions and will remain with your loved one forever.


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