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Friends, the war has divided our lives into "before" and "after". Millions of our compatriots were forced to leave their cozy homes and go abroad to another reality. And with the hope of waiting for such important words: "You can go home." Unfortunately, the war is not ending as quickly as one would like. And we all have to learn to live in a new way. Look for work, send children to kindergartens and schools, form a new circle of acquaintances. Statistics show that most Ukrainians went to friendly Poland. We want to be closer to you wherever you are. That something native, Ukrainian, was near. We have created the Polish version of the official site This means that all the services you could use at Printto: in Ukraine are now available to you in Poland. In addition, our team has agreed with Ukrposhta to deliver your orders to Poland at reduced rates. You will also be able to receive your order in Poland in 7-10 days after payment. We are grateful to Poland for its great help to our country. And for our friends - Poles made a site in Polish. It is available at this link Please recommend Printto to your friends in Poland. Printing your own book, a textbook for a child or a book on language learning - we will do all this, as always, efficiently and relatively quickly. Also in Ukraine. Even in the most difficult times, the book helped to distract and fill the soul with something bright, good and useful. Let this book be published in Printto :. Friends, at such a difficult time, Printto must work, save jobs and support our country's economy. This is another important front that we must maintain. We believe in Victory! And we are waiting for you at Printto :. Glory to Ukraine!


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