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Simple calculator

Simple calculator

Friends, before ordering a product or service, I study the offers on the market very carefully. I read the characteristics and reviews, check the cost. It is important for me to get acquainted with the product from "to me". But it often happens that the representatives of companies seem to "hide" the value of their products. You need to register, answer a dozen questions, spend your time. It annoys me terribly! After all, I just look closely, get acquainted. Just answer a seemingly simple question. Having such experience, in Printto: I made the preliminary stage of calculation of cost of the future order without registration and questions. So you don't get nervous like me Meet - a simple calculator! You do not need to register to receive information about the cost of the order. It is enough to know the basic parameters of the future order and the number of pages. And a simple calculator will calculate the cost very quickly. I draw your attention, calculate APPROXIMATELY. After all, this does not take into account all the nuances and parameters of the future book. This feature is designed so that you can price, compare the cost of services with other companies and easily decide where to place orders. After that, I recommend not to hesitate, but to find out the final cost. Here I also worked for glory. All you need to do is register and download the PDF file. You choose the parameters of the future book in the configurator and generate the cost. Everything is built quite logically. Read the tips step by step and in minutes the exact cost of printing your order is ready. Everything is simple and fast. And remember, support is always happy to help. We are close Friends, waiting for you at Printto:.


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