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Why print and buy books?

Why print and buy books?

Why print and buy a traditional book format? We live in a modern world where you can work on the phone, listen to music, watch your favorite movie or read a fresh bestseller in electronic form. Of course, the popularity of e-books is undeniable. The book is always at hand (and not one), does not take up much space in the bag, is inexpensive. Or, in general, you can use free resources. But despite all the advantages of modernity, the traditional printed book is in great demand. What are the successes and benefits of a printed book? 1. The feeling of the book. How nice it is to pick up a book, feel the quality of the cover and run your hand over the page. And then open it somewhere in the middle and inhale the aroma of freshness, novelty. And how nice that no one has read this book before you. There is only you, she, your imagination and a comfortable chair. And a wonderful evening is provided for you. Or vice versa. Remember the scent of a story book? You can't compare it to anything. And in the old book you can find a "message" from a previous reader in the form of a note or phone number 2. The book is the best gift. The book of today is a modern gift that stays with someone close to you for many years. And the book industry is constantly evolving. What are augmented reality books worth? You scan special marks with your smartphone and the book "comes to life", "speaks", "sings". This is a gift that does not wear out or break. In addition, a good collection of history books is a good investment. 3. Encouragement to read. When you have a printed book at hand, you often want to look through, read a few lines. An hour and two chapters fly by unnoticed, as it never was. And reading at home is a great example for the younger generation. Children often copy the behavior of adults. Come on, this is going to be reading 4. Home Library. Printed books in the home library can tell a lot about their owner. What is it, your library? Which of the authors "lives" there? The library is something you can show to your friends. And make an evening of readings of your favorite writer or poet. It is a great pleasure to hold a printed book by your favorite author at this time. 5. Print your own book and share your talent with the world. Many people think that printing their own book is difficult and expensive. We at Printto: debunk this myth. You just need to create a masterpiece, we will help with the publication. Fast, high quality and not "for all the money in the world." Just imagine presenting your creation in a cozy place. How to sign a book for a loved one. How carefully you place one copy in your home library. And how in 30 years your son will show his children a book of grandparents. Imagine? How does it feel? That's why we work! In order for you to spend your time well, you are filled only with useful information. And to make you dream like in your childhood, when your mother read you fairy tales. And we will gladly make these dreams come true. Read printed books and print books with us.


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