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How to Print Educational Literature

How to Print Educational Literature

How to Print Educational Literature


While the smartphone screen will always remain an alternative, it can never replace the printed book. Additionally, reading printed pages and holding traditional literature in our hands is beneficial for our brains. So, if we combine learning with the rustle of pages and a pleasant cover structure, it will bring much more satisfaction.


However, sometimes a book is only available in an online format. This often happens with educational literature that has been taken out of mass production for certain reasons. The only solution is to print it yourself. And now we will explain how you can do it.


How to print a textbook or manual


Step 1. Find the electronic version of the book in PDF format. If it's in a different format, you can find an online converter, upload the file there, and specify that you want to convert it to PDF. This process is quick and completely free.


Step 2. Check if the text hasn't "escaped" anywhere. Sometimes, after conversion, words may shift, and images and paragraphs may be misplaced. To avoid any inconvenience, it's better to review the pages before printing.


Step 3. Go to the Printto website and upload the book by clicking "Choose File" or "Detailed Calculator."


Step 4. Calculate the price for the book(s). You can do this using a simple calculator, where you specify the number of copies and pages, book size (A5, A4, etc.), color, paper type, and so on. We can print even from 1 copy, but the more copies, the more advantageous it is. For example, for 2-4 copies, there's a 5% discount, for 50-99 copies, a 25% discount, and for 100 or more copies, a whopping 30% discount.


Step 5. Understand the parameters of the cover paper.


Coated matte paper, 300 gsm: It's a dense and durable material. Most covers are made from this type of paper.


Cream-colored MUNKEN Pure paper, 300 gsm: It's a dense, high-quality paper. It works perfectly for gift books and orders that require high quality. In combination with high-resolution color printing, it will have a flawless appearance.


Step 6. Choose the format. You have the option to print the book in a standard format with a soft or hardcover, or in a notebook format, where the book is assembled with a black coil. However, this format has limitations: a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 480 pages. If needed, we can divide your textbook into volumes.


By the way, all covers are made by the Printto printing house using professional equipment, so they are always laminated. If desired, you can add your own inscription to the spine and change its color. We will consider all your preferences to ensure you are satisfied with the result.


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