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Configurator. Step 2. Cover.

How I like to walk through bookstores. Take a book in hand, feel the quality of the cover, inhale the aroma of fresh bestsellers. I often ask myself, why did I come to this book? What attracted you first? And I understand that this is a cover. Its appearance, design, quality. This is the first thing that touches and motivates to approach the book, to get acquainted. Realizing how important this is for you, I decided to offer several options for paperback options in the configurator. You can choose the option that best suits you. Paper options: 1. Coated matte paper 300 g / m2. It is quite dense and durable material. Most covers are made of this material. 2. Recycled paper Craft 275 / m2: recycled thick brown paper. There is a small feature here. This option is suitable for files that do not have a cover layout. Also, only black or gray text looks good on this paper. Bright colors and elements lose a lot and look dull. 3. Cream paper MUNKEN Pure 300 g / m2. Thick, high-quality paper. These covers are perfect for gift books and orders that are most demanding on quality. The choice of paperback is chic, right? I did not forget about the hard cover. In Printto: it is possible to make such an order. Even from one copy. But it is more profitable and interesting to order a hardcover in large numbers. And where is this feature displayed on the site? Very soon you will see nice changes in the configurator, but for now, ask our managers. I want to pay special attention to the fact that all covers are born on professional equipment using a modern laser printer. Also, all book covers must be laminated. For lamination I use a glossy film 30 microns thick. It looks just unsurpassed! And with a large circulation, the film can also be matte. Friends, the book cover is an important tool to attract the attention of your potential reader. It is the cover that often helps to sell your product or evoke pleasant emotions. It will be my great pleasure to help you create a candy from your future bestseller.


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